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One Break supports communities all across the world struggling to cope with COVID-19. We are doing all we can to protect the most vulnerable. Your generosity helps people most in need access food, shelter, vital information and more.

Your donation to One Break’s COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund will provide direct relief to those left vulnerable by the pandemic.

One Break Challenge

A “Challenge” All… A Challenge to YOU, to give someone in need “One Break”.

One Break is seeking anyone who can and will share in our mission to GIVE, big or small.

The campaign’s goal is to raise funds, not specifically for the charity but for a physical item to be used in the “passion of giving”

Why One Break?

Your ``One Break`` could be the catalist that puts someone's life on or back on track to prosperity or just being able to live.

Can a Recycled Bottle Change Lives?


Small change can bring about great change. Yes it can…

Why not give someone a break. Consider donating your small change from your recycled bottles to change a life. Your donation can be the difference for One Break.


One Break Challenge

We “Challenge” you to give someone in need “One Break”.

Have you ever thought…

“If only I could get just “One Break”, it could change my life”?

Did it change your life, your day, your outlook?


Who We Are

Organization set up to provide help and raise money for those in need

Our Passion

This dream started many several decades ago when the Founder, struggling in life, found herself wishing for “One Break” that could change her life for the better. It never came in an instant, however she always imagined the impact “One Break” could have on someone. Vowing one day to make it a reality for others, the One Break nonprofit organization was founded.

Struggle To Cover A $400 Emergency

Why “One Break” is needed :

2018 survey indicated that almost 40 percent of Americans would still struggle in the face of a $400 financial emergency. “Relatively small, unexpected expenses, such as a car repair or replacing a broken appliance, can be a hardship for many families without adequate savings,” the report said.

Billionaire Smith’s One Break

An Amazing Break:

Robert F. Smith vows to pay off the student loans of the 2019 Morehouse graduates. Imagine the burden that is lifted off these young men graduating with no student loans to bare for the next 10-20 years. The positive impact on their future would be hard to measured at this time.





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Be a blessing to others and help us to build and grow our team and network so we may bless more people.


There is always a need for dedicated caring people to volunteer within our organization. Whatever you skill or compassion is, we need you.

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