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Everything starts with a first step. There are many ways to help, choose One Break Now!


Small Break

Support a meal

Help for the weary

Support a weekend away

Someone needs a checkup

Someone's been putting off a doctor's visit because it's too expensive

Car Blues

Help with a car repair

Random Break

We will select a break for you

Medicine or Food

Many senior citizens make this choice every month. Give one a break.


One Break Challenge

We "Challenge" you to give someone in need "One Break". has created a project on Indiegogo to ask everyone who can or will, to share in our mission to give to someone in need. Whether this is a friend, family member, associate or complete stranger, a challenge to give them that "One Break".

Many times it's quite easy to see someone who is struggling, having a hard time who just can't seem to get things going in their life. Perhaps they just need a break to catch their breath, to be able to breathe again that would allow them a needed opportunity.

The campaign's goal is to raise funds, not specifically for our charity but for a physical item to be used in the "passion of giving". The hope is to create an intentional motive, incentive, and or a feel good moment for oneself.

The actual project is an extension of our mission, however it's a "Challenge" given to supporters and a real, tangible reason to contribute.

The main reward focuses on a "two part" key chain or charm bearing the name "One Break". All contributions are tax deductible.

How it works is; for a specific contribution, a contributor will receive the key chain or charm whereas they will then share one half of it to another person, in which they, the contributor will also provide that needed “one break” to. The “one break” they give would be of their choosing, such as: providing a decent supper; paying for a spa treatment; sponsoring a needed weekend get-away; taking care of someone’s unexpected car repair; paying someone’s rent or childcare for a month… big or small, the possibilities are endless. You can read more details on Indiegogo coming soon.


Impacting Lives

A few storys of lives being impacted

Jada M.Jada spent all her young years into adult hood taking care of her mother. Never traveling and not much fun. A five day vacation was her One Break.
Jada M.
Michael B.Michael's mom dealt with the struggles of having a son, now an adult with disabilities. There are services, however finding and connecting with them can be a challenge. Someone working with Michael's mom, one-on-one connecting the necessary services was the One Break needed.
Michael B.
Dependent Adult
Linda D.As a struggling actress with a child, Linda could not always extend afford childcare. Six months of paid childcare was the break Linda needed.
Linda D.
Model and Actress
Johnny S.As a young man, Jake didn't always follow the rules which lead to having a record that many times made him, unemployable. A permanent and stable job was the One Break Jake needed.
Johnny S.
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Please Join Us and Support A Break

We have so much we would like to do and so many lives would would love to impact. All contributions made are are tax deductible.

One break at a time

A hand of service to the socially disenfranchised

Embarking on a Mission

Needed help is all around us, sometimes apparent while other times we need reference

Today is the day

You take action, no matter how small or big, you can empower another person with just "One Break"

To Communicate is Crucial

A way of communicating when you can not speak

Sparked by a lifelong dream

Been in these shoes wishing and praying for that needed "one break". No more...

Be the Break

Please Join, Support, Volunteer with Find out how you can make a difference.

"Being good is commendable, but only when it is combined with doing good is it useful."

~Author Unknown

Imagine being lost and unable to communicate who you are...

There are some that suffer from physical and / or mental challenges and are unable to communicate basic information when needed, especially in an emergency..

Special needs challenges effect children as well as adults who also deal with Dementia and Alzheimer. We are working on something so your loved one won't be left in a situation unable to be identified or not being able to get connected to their needed contact person.

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Transform someone's life today!

Your "One Break" could be the catalist that puts someone's life on or back out track to prosperity.


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