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In order to make an offline donation we ask that you please follow these instructions:

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One Break
4203 Genesee Ave, Suite 164
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All contributions will be gratefully acknowledged and are tax deductible.

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Can a Recycled Bottle Change Lives?


Small change can bring about great change. Yes it can! Have you noticed when times are a bit hard we seem to watch every penny? While on the other hand, when we get a little extra money, we unconsciously give it away on most of what we don’t even need. We don’t see its value because it won’t break us. However, targeting our small change can give a nice break to a person that could use a leg up, a break. It might mean childcare for a single mother; a new coat for a growing child; a brake job for an underpaid, struggling hard worker; or help with rent to keep a roof over a family’s head and so much more. We all can help with a few cents at a time.

Small change comes in various ways, one way in particular with this campaign we are focusing on those few cents we could hardly miss… from our recycled bottles. Many times we toss them out without a thought or we might instinctively put them in recycled containers because we truly want to save our environment. Some of us actually recycle them for the cash, of course because we were charge for them. However, most of us toss that change in our bag or pocket and hardly think of its use beyond that.

Why not give someone a break. Consider donating your small change from your recycled bottles to change a life. Your donation can be the difference for One Break.

Look at Charles… a handsome and lovable young man making strides daily even with cerebral palsy, autism, blindness and multiple other delays. One thing he enjoys is collecting their empty bottles at home for his bi-weekly trip to the recycling center to cash them in. Charles then goes to his bank to deposit the cash so he can make his monthly donation of those funds to One Break.

The idea of this on-going campaign is inspired by Charles and his family who wanted to make a small yet stronger impact on the daily lives of not only the homeless but persons with disabilities.

Funds from this campaign will go towards those special Breaks.

CAN a RECYCLED BOTTLE CHANGE LIVES? Yes It Can… One bottle at a time.


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