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In order to make an offline donation we ask that you please follow these instructions:

  1. Make a check payable to "One Break"
  2. On the memo line of the check, please indicate that the donation is for "One Break"
  3. Please mail your check to:

One Break
4203 Genesee Ave, Suite 164
San Diego, CA 92117


All contributions will be gratefully acknowledged and are tax deductible.

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One Break Challenge

We “Challenge” you to give someone in need “One Break”.

Have you ever thought…

“If only I could get just “One Break”, it could change my life”?

Did it change your life, your day, your outlook? has created this project which is the foundation of our organization, asking any and everyone who can or will, to share in our mission to give to someone in need. Whether this is a friend, family member, associate or complete stranger, this is a challenge to give them that “One Break”.

It is quite easy to see someone who is struggling, having a hard time, who just can’t seem to get things going in their life. Perhaps they just need a break, to be able to catch their breath, to be able to breathe again, something that would allow them a needed opportunity.

This on-going campaign’s goal is to raise funds, not specifically for our charity but for a physical item to be used in the “passion of giving”. The hope is to create an intentional motive, incentive, and a feel good moment for oneself.

The actual project is an extension of our mission, however it’s a “Challenge” given to supporters and a real, tangible reason to contribute. This  is also a call to action, given to unite supporters to bring about positive change within themselves and in the community.

The main reward focuses on a “two part” key chain bearing the name “One Break”. All contributions are tax deductible.

How the “Challenge” works:

  • For a specific donation, a donor will receive the key chain whereas they will then share one half of it to another person.
  • Upon sharing the half of the key chain, the donor will also provide that needed “one break” to the receiver.
  • The “one break” the donor gives would be of their choosing, such as: paying for someone’s unexpected car repair; paying a month’s rent or childcare for someone; sponsoring a needed weekend get-away; purchasing school books; brunch… big or small, the possibilities are endless.

With this jester, the hope is that the person who received that “One Break” will in-turn pass it forward as well; and when able, provide someone else with that needed “One Break”.

Please, donate and receive your One Break key chain and get ready to partake in the One Break Challenge. Net proceeds from each key chain will go towards requested breaks.

**Please add your shipping address for the key chain in the comment area of donation page if different from your billing address, otherwise it will be shipped to the billing address.**

One Break Car Repair childcare

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