Support A Break

One Break / Support A Break

Small or large, each break... the mental impact can make just as huge of a difference. Examples of true an possible breaks. Vary based on request...

01Small Break

A nice meal warms the heart…

Hearty Breakfast

Hot Lunch

Warm Supper

Hearty Meal

02Help For The Weary

A local weekend getaway is rejuvenating.

Two Night Hotel Stay

Spa and Make-over

One Week Paid Childcare

Special Event Passes

03Car Blues

Unexpected Car Expense

Busted Tire or Rim

Mandatory Emissions Repair

Major Maintenance

License / Registration Renewal

Choose to donate any amount you prefer.

04Medical Checkup or Expense

Doctor’s Bill for Self, Family or Pet

Regular Doctor's Visit

Unpaid Previous Visit Bill

Outpatient Test

Dental Appointment or Bill

05Medicine or Food

The Choice Between Food & Medicine is Real

Mandatory Medications

Monthly Herbal Supplements

Fruits, Vegetables, Meats

Special Diet Necessities

06Random Break... we'll choose

We’ll choose based on funding and need

Rental Security Deposit

School Tuition (Semester)

Vehicle or Year Transportation Cost

Six Months Rent

Are you in need of a break?